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frankxmikey's Journal

Frank and Mikey...nothing like Band love.
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This is a Frank/Mikey community, as you can tell. We noticed that there were different communities for different pairings, but not one for Frank/Mikey. So we decided to switch that up and create our own community! This is a community where you can let all of your perversion out. Come on, don’t be afraid, we’re way horny for some Frank and Mikey action, and we know you are too! Join our community and share you love for Frikey with all of us!

1] When posting a story please give a full description beforehand and an accurate rating before you post it in this community. This helps so that people can decide whether or not they want to read your story. You should also include warnings if your story contains graphic sex, murder, suicide, or anything like that, as those things may offend some people.

You may use this optional guideline for your stories but remember that your introduction should be somewhere along the lines of this:

Pairing/band: [Frank/Mikey obviously]

2]Place all posts under an LJ-cut. If you do not know how to do so then go here.
3] No disrespectful or rude comments are tolerated.
4] Feedback is always a nice thing to give. But be constructive when giving it. Please don’t start comment wars.
5] Please keep all posts on the topic of Mikey/Frank. Don’t post anything irrelevant. Pictures are fine, just as long as they’re related to Mikey and Frank.
6] Please make sure you spell check your stories before posting them. Bad grammar is not a pretty thing my friends.
7] Promoting of other communities is okay as long as it’s similar to this one.
8] Have fun!

This community was created out of fun. We are not, in any way, suggesting that the Frank and Mikey are gay, kiss, or cuddle together. We do not mean any harm nor are we trying to humiliate them. We love slash, is that such a bad thing? Contact: mirrorscrack: AIM- forget maine Email: heyitsmeghan@gmail.com Affiliates: bert_and_gerard frankxgerard