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"Damn, he's got an arm on him."

Title: "Damn he's got an arm."
Author: Me.
Pairing: Mikey Way/Frank Iero
Rating: R
POV: Third.
Warning: Spanking, naughty language, and sexual content.
Summary: Mikey and Frank got in a argument, now Frank wants to show him who's boss.
Disclaimer: I totally really don't own MCR. And that's a shame. D: But in my head I do. In my head I own everyone. >:D
A/N: I always write, but this is my first time posting on a page. Be gentle. :(
Word Count: 1007
Dedication:  To my Kobra-Kid, Ciana. From her FunGhoul. <3

Frank threw himself on the bed and laid back, he was tired, and still a little mad from earlier. He just came back from a quick run, he was still contemplating the argument between Mikey and him early, where Mikey called him a slut. Just because people liked to throw themselves at him. He sighed, and sat up taking off his jacket, revealing his tight shirt, he threw it on the floor and fell back on the bed. He was getting angry again.
Mikey walked out of the bathroom, nothing but a pair boxers upon his body, and I mean really tight boxers, it hugged at his package and pelvis, and it was just low enough to see that happy trail Frank loved so much.
"Hey..." he sat down on the bed next to Frank, and put his hand where Frank's was. Frank moved his hand away blushing, he moved around, trying to make himself comfortable, but damn, that boy knew what to wear to get him hard.
"Leave me alone."
Mikey licked his lips, "I don't think you want me to."
Frank let out a little sound as Mikey's lips fell on his neck, he began kissing, leaving little marks, and moving towards his mouth. Frank tried to roll around, but Mikey caught his arms and threw his leg over him to the other side. Mikey kissed him hard, "What was that you were saying again?"
Frank made noises as Mikey continued to caress, kiss and touch him.Frank moaned, out and tore himself away from Mikey."Mikey fucking James fucking Way. Do you really think so less of me that I'd let you fuck me after you called me a slut? No."
"I didn't mean it."
"Yes, you did. After all I did for you, after all I gave you, you decided to still treat me like crap."
"Frank, please. Let's not go through this again, we did our apology's, we forgave, it's time to put it in the past."
"No fucking way. I have to get my revenge, you are getting punished. Here. Now." Frank pointed to his lap, he had the most serious face on and his light green eyes turned olive in fury.
Mikey laughed and got up, walking to the bathroom, "Yeah right."
"Excuse me?"
"You already know who's in charge, and you know the only reason you ever are is because I let you."
"You come here now Mikey!"
"If you don't come here I'll have to force you."
"Try me."
"That's it."Frank got up and shot after Mikey, Mikey moved out of the way in time to run around the bed. Frank ran the opposite way and got on the bed as Mikey was getting on. He grabbed Mikey's wrist and threw him over his lap.
"Got ya." He took the handcuffs out of the drawer right next to the bed and handcuffed Mikey's hands together.Mikey struggled against his restraints.
"Frank, please, no. I'm...scared."
Frank looked into Mikey's eyes, he really was scared, but it wasn't fair.He rubbed Mikey's head, "Shush. Hun, I'm right here. Don't be scared, you trust me, don't you?"
Mikey nodded, "Exactly, it's just like another experiment, you like those right?"
Mikey nodded again. "Good, and maybe if you take these like a man, I might let you spank me."
"You're going to spank me? Oh please, this will be nothing then!" Mikey said cockily as he laughed.
"Guess I won't hold back then."
Mikey waited for the first blow, Frank was slowly rubbing his behind, making him feel warm underneath his boxers. Mikey let out a moan every now and then. He bit his lip and waited, and that's when he felt Frank's hand come down. It was a horrible pain at first. But then soothed off, and he felt something tingly happening to his body.
Mikey bit his lip and refused to moan, or even show Frank he was enjoying this, but Frank knew he was. Smack after smack, Mikey hands clenched, he wanted something to hold on to other than the sheets. Frank was right, it did hurt, like a mother- but they also gave him something of which he has never received, not even once before, it was pleasure behind the pain of each smack his lover gave him. It may had been a punishment, but Mikey was taking it to his advantage.Mikey rubbed his crotch against Frank's hoping to arouse his interest, but each time he tried, the spanking would become harder and harder.
Mikey had lost count, and truthfully so had Frank, with each moan that flew from Mikey's mouth, it was making Frank harder and harder against him, and he knew that Mikey knew what he was doing.Mikey nipped at Franks leg in his sweatpants, he wanted Frank naked, and fast. He wanted Frank, although his rear end was on fire by now, he wanted Frank to top him, badly. He was always on top, he liked it, but sometimes it did get a little tiring.He liked Frank in charge sometimes, and he wondered what Frank would do if he got even more power.Frank was getting tired, and hot. He ripped off his shirt, and sighed. He looked at Mikey's behind, it was a deep red, Frank poked at it and Mikey winced.
"Oh my God, Mikey! I'm sorry, I think I got too out of hand."
Mikey didn't understand until Frank held him up, and helped him sit down.
"Ow! Fuck!"
Mikey fell back on the bed, "Dude! What the hell?"
"I'm sorry!" Frank struggled to take the handcuffs off. Mikey immediately flipped over and groaned.
"I'll get some soothing cream!" Frank ran to the bathroom and back, he put the cream all over Mikey's behind and the pain soon went numb. Mikey sighed.
"We so aren't having sex tonight."
"Well, we still can."
Frank sighed, "Guess I'm not cut out to be dominant."
"You are! It's just.." Mikey moved closer to him, "I'm afraid I'm in too much pain right now. I can't feel my ass."
They giggled, "I'll let you top me soon, Frank."
"Of course I do." Mikey kissed the top of Frank's head and fell on the bed, groaning as soon as Frank went into the bathroom. "Damn, he's got an arm."
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