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New Light.

Title: New Light.
Author: kuriositet
Pairing: Frank/Gerard (Former Frank/Mikey and Gerard/Mikey)
Rating: R
POV: Third.
Length: 13.453 words.
Summary: After Mikey's gone, Frank and Gerard look everywhere to find new light, but they aren't very happy when they find it.
Disclaimer: It's not real, apparently. Because angel's like Gerard don't exist and Mikey's still alive.
Beta: The one and only happilyappled. ♥
Warnings: "Previous character death."
SUPER IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the sequel of my old story Heaven-sent, and I recommend that you read that story first, or you won't understand much of what the guys are talking about. I guess it's up to each and everyone of you, though, so I won't make you read it.

Part One.
Part Two.
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